Walking the talk on finance while building an online community.

We were hired to build a news media feed on finance to millennials in Mexico as strategy for a million people community. We needed to understand which topics where the most relevant to them in order to build financial products that could actually make sense to them. These are some of the steps we took at our company: from the name of the media hub to the 137,000 people who joined our community. And if we did it, you can do it too.

Millennials in Mexico have been born and raised under critical crime impunity and economical recessions that have made them less prompt to attachments of any kind.

After following many hashtag trends (with Sistrix) and using Brandwatch as our main source of insights we discovered that the word Flow is probably one of the strongest words positioned with young adults within Latin America. It refers to fluid power, a way to adapt to circumstances form a fresh point. It's being strong by adapting, knowing that your vibe can only make you stronger through your own sense of self. That´s how Money Flow was born. Money Flow is a media hub inside Facebook that shares news, tips and tons of memes on how to make your money last, where to spend it, how to save it. Most importantly, learning how to use a digital wallet and why it matters. Mexico is one of the less banked countries in the world and digital wallets are the main area of interest not only to banks but also retail stores, cellphone carriers etc.

Humor was the content pillar to communicate all the serious matters. It’s not easy to talk about how hard it is to find a job in an under developed country. Our most liked and commented post so far is reports how a food cart is making more money than people after college education. Another popular one gives hot tips on how to make a living with 500 dollars a month. Young people will always be open to smart and funny tips. Stay away form adult talk, giving advice from the “experience” perspective, but mostly, don’t pretend to be like them. These people are the masters of digital identity, if you don’t portray yourself with honesty, they will fly away and never come back.

Its important to say that when we had ad investments we reached thousands of people but when we didn't , Facebook algorithm dropped our reach more than 60% punishing our interaction as well. You can get to prevent this by having a strong presence within other communities that could lead traffic to yours. So if you are still hiring one single community manager to do this, let me tell you…its too much work for one person. Planning content, going to other people communities, heading to the trends and joining conversations might take a bigger team to step ahead into social channels over demanding attention KPIS.

The main objective for this initiative was to create a commuinity in order to bulid a proper wallet for this target. Youngsters will love you and use your financal product if it adjusts to their needs and it can be customized. Stay funny, real and honest. Above all, turn your content into data. This will make your product way better over time.

How did it go for the client? After all our efforts they opened up a new company to work closer to the target. Cheers for happy endings!



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