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  • Jennifer Fu

    Jennifer Fu

    A seasoned frontend developer https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-fu-53357b/

  • Stephen Moore

    Stephen Moore

    Currently: editor @ Entrepreneur’s Handbook | Previously: editor @ Medium | Keeping Business and Tech alive on Medium | Contact: stephen@sjmblog.com

  • Marco Santos

    Marco Santos

    NYC Data Scientist specializing in AI/ML with a passion for code | Let’s connect! — linkedin.com/in/marco-s-santos.

  • Fru Kerick

    Fru Kerick

    I’m curious about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. I also write a weekly letter to over 10K investors: http://frukerick.medium.com/subscribe.

  • Numenta


    Where Neuroscience Meets Machine Intelligence

  • Alvin Campbell

    Alvin Campbell

    Content Creator | Writer | Comedian | Goal is to be #1 on Medium ✍🏻 Mission is to help people with my words.

  • Journey Hayes

    Journey Hayes

    Senior studying Finance at a top ten undergraduate business school. Business, life, productivity, and everything else. Follow me on Twitter! @journey_hayes

  • Loise Lobo

    Loise Lobo

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